This is two coats of Hits Dionisio.
 The above pictures are under clouds.  It was raining out!
 And here I found a break in the clouds.
 These pictures are so much less awesome than what I want.
 The holo just doesn't want to be photographed!
 Sorry for the lameness here.  Also, I used Seche Vite as a top coat (because I had read somewhere that it did not dull the holo effect).  I'm wondering if it is in fact giving me trouble.
 The formula and application were a little tricky for me.  The polish is a little thick and the brush has uneven ends, which made it hard for me to paint close enough to my cuticles.
I do forgive it, though, because it is so beautiful!  It reminds me of holo China Glaze Grape Pop and also Grape Juice!

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