My Toxic Mani

I very recently wore two of my Illamasqua Toxic Nature polishes. I started with two coats of Stagnate.

Stagnate is a mauvey brown creme. It kind of reminds me of chocolate milk, just a little.

I decided to pair it with the ever fugly yet awesome Bacterium!

It turned out pretty cool.

Bacterium is a frosty iridescent and therefore requires slightly more patience and care in applying.

The overall effect looked kind of green, kind of brown, and sometimes a silvery gray, too, depending on the light! And there's also the bit of blue flash to Bacterium.

I was bracing myself to receive negative comments from people when I wore this, but I actually got a few compliments! Score for Toxic Nature!!

Do you ever get the urge to put on fugly colors and just wear 'em proudly?

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