Me, Conservative?!

I put this on the other night because of a week long MUA Nail Board challenge offered by Finch96. *waves "hi" to Finch* The deal is, if you like the bling, you have to wear conservative, understated colors all week. If you like and normally wear conservative colors, you have to wear glitter and ka-pow blingtastic stuff.

So, here I am with three coats of BB Couture For Men Intake Valve.

Intake Valve has a secret golden shimmer that doesn't translate onto the nail. It's a really hard color to describe in words. I'd say cool beige with a hint of rose. Don't be deceived by the warmth of the picture below - that's just the morning sun making it look warm!

This color feels Mod and fresh to me. It's definitely not what I normally wear, but it's kind of fun and different! I've gotten quite a few compliments on it, too, which is always a plus!

As for my toes, I was not thinking about the challenge when I did my pedi on Tuesday. I used OPI Boo-Berry with Hard Candy Break Up. It is so cool, I can hardly stand it. Don't ask me why, but I just looooove glow-in-the-dark pedis! And then add glitter....perfection. *sigh*

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