Dorothy's Shoes

This is two coats of Ozotic Pro 621.

It's a rich, vibrant, amazingly holographic polish and is near the perfect shade of red.

It applied wonderfully.

It's so blindingly holo that it kind of freaked out my camera!

I hate to say this, but it looks even better in real life.

And! And! It looks just marvelous in indoor and low lighting. Then, it takes on this jeweled depth that is just breathtaking.

Yesterday, at work, my one manager immediately noticed my nails and said, "Oh! I love your Dorothy's shoes nails!" :)

If there is a downside, it's only that this beaut is a little hard to find. Also, like most holos, it doesn't wear as well as other finishes of polish.

I'm trying it today where I did a coat of Palladio Fuse base, a coat of polish, then another coat of Fuse, and last, another coat of polish. 621 is a holo that definitely and truly gets dulled by top coat.

I'm honestly very nervous about not having top coat on! I pretty much never do that.

If you are wondering where to buy this fantastic polish, I'd suggest Picture Polish. It's not cheap, but unless you live in Australia, this brand is near impossible to find. I'm just so glad I now have a way to buy Ozotics!

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