The Spicy Pinheel

Here is the mega blingy Estessimo TiNS The Spicy Pinheel. I used three coats.

It's full of silver and gold glitter that appears almost flake like in irregular shape. Perhaps it's just an illusion. In any case, it's very shiny. Very pretty.

If you've never heard of this polish before, you are probably scratching your head and wondering to yourself, "Now what on earth is a 'pinheel'?"

The answer is that I have no idea. A quick Google search leads me to believe that perhaps it has something to do with a boot or maybe even a song.

We just can't take these TiNS names seriously. They are made to give us a laugh. :)

I continue to be amazed and endlessly amused by my TiNS. They are quite possibly the coolest polishes ever.

This last picture was taken under my little desk top Ikea lamp that I use when painting my nails. I thought it nicely showed the super metallic nature of the glitter.

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