The Perfect Prince

This is TiNS The Perfect Prince. I used three coats. I probably could have gotten away with two coats, but was worried about that little bit of thinned appearance around the base/cuticles, that sometimes shows when you do one less coat than you should have.

I can't believe I only got one decent picture of this. I'm so mad at myself! It was raining when I took this on Sunday morning. Then I worked all day. During the Super Bowl, some of the corners started lifting. My left hand still looked good, though, so I was holding out for some sun light to take pictures Monday morning. Well, I woke up Monday morning with an evil migraine. YUCK! By the time it had subsided enough for me to get ready for work, I looked outside to the bright glaring sun and couldn't muster going out into it!

Long, boring story. This is why you only get one picture of The Perfect Prince. Reminds you of Charla or Atlantis, no? This is from an older collection, so I think it may be their predecessor!

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