The Mercury

This is the most spectacular Estessimo TiNS The Mercury. I used two coats here but I have to tell you that it was nearly perfect in only one coat!

This is a dark blue packed with chunky and smaller holo glitter.

My brush was every so slightly wonky, which made application just a tad tricky.

I finished with two coats of Seche Vite, which is pretty abnormal for me. I don't usually use SV, but went for it this time because I wanted it to dry as quick as possible.

I was a little surprised that the mani was not totally smooth after it dried, though. I feel like it would have been smoother had I gone with Poshe. Ah well. No big deal.

It did wear awesomely, though, so that is terrific. I wore it for nearly four days, which is practically unheard of in my world.

I have to attribute the majority of the awesome wear to my new favorite base coat. I cannot say enough about how freaking awesome it is!!

Dying to know what it is? Palladio Fuse. I got it at Sally Beauty Supply.

A friend of a friend recommended it to me and oh man, I am so grateful! Thanks, Amy, and thanks to your friend!

This base coat actually greatly assists in adhering the polish to the nail. I cannot say I've experienced that with any other base coats I've used before (and I've tried probably a good dozen or more now).

So, instead of the corners of the polish lifting and/or chipping off within 1-2 days, I can now go twice that long! Even when The Mercury started chipping at the corners ever so slightly, it chipped off in a layer that left a layer of polish still behind on the nail, so that it didn't even look terrible. How cool is that?!

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