I started with three coats of $OPI Hell to the No, from the Glee collection. It's a grape-y purple with a fine gold shimmer.

Then I added a coat of pop Gold Glitz.

This is my first time using a pop polish! I found three that I liked at Ulta last week.

It seems that every Ulta is a bit different from another. I've only seen pop brand at one of the three closest locations to me.

When I first picked up Gold Glitz, I thought maybe it was green or at least partly green. Now I've decided that it is not. I think the holo sparkles and maybe just the exact tone of gold led me to believe it was greenish.

I love how the sparkles look in the bottle of the above picture.

Initially I didn't care for this combo, as I think the glitter overwhelmed the base color.

I grew to dislike it less over time, but really it's just not one of my favorites for some reason.

Also, Gold Glitz reminds me of one of the OPI Burlesques! Except that it has holo...and holo makes everything better. :)

The pop bottles are really big - I think just like strangebeautifuls'. I'm always a little worried I am going to knock this type of bottle over while I'm applying it, but they are rather impressive looking.

I just cut down my nails this afternoon and they are currently naked and waiting for inspiration to strike (and it needs to strike in the next few hours, truth be told).

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