I got tagged! I've never been tagged before, so I guess this is cool and an honor. :D Thank you, Lacquer Laine, for thinking of lil' ol' me. I'm supposed to share 10 facts about myself and then tag 10 other blogs. Oh man!

1. I'm a Christian and was raised in a conservative, loving home. My beliefs in God form a core piece of who I am and affect many facets of my life. While I don't follow religion as strictly as I did in my parents' home, I have grown into my adult spirituality rather comfortably and still follow many practices that I am accustomed to. I hope that others who come in contact with me have a greater sense of God and His love because of knowing me.

2. I am a crazy animal person and love animals erm probably more than people (in general)! Oh that probably sounds terrible. I just adore animals, especially my two baby dogs. I'd love to have two Siberian Cats (my hubby is allergic to cats and this breed is hypo-allergenic). I could also go for a few more dogs, little ones, I should think. And I want a cockatoo! Animals show us the most unconditional love and innocence. They keep my heart big and full.

3. I'm very sentimental. I get really nostalgic about all kinds of things. I can live in a place that I think I hate, for years, and then after I am gone I will dearly miss many things about the place! I can't seem to help myself.

4. I love to eat. Mm mm mm food! There are too many things I like to eat, so I will share with you some that I do not care for. Raw fish or meat of any kind, shellfish, pork, beef (except in certain circumstances), octopus/squid, basically any creepy non-mainstream animal, eggplant, okra, radishes, beets, walnuts, kimchi, green olives, greek olives, spicy food that's hotter than "medium," butter pecan ice cream, and I can't even think of other things so you know I like a lot of types of food!!

5. I've never met anyone famous. I'm sure that if I did I would start shrieking incoherently, and/or drooling, and/or become stunned and utterly silent. Normal stuff, really. My parents saw Oprah on the street one time and apparently couldn't conjure up anything at all to say. Figures, right?

6. I took some really crazy aptitude tests in Academy that said I should become a pickler or an eyelet machine operator, among some other random things. I showed them wrong!! I've worked in healthcare, mental health, and am currently a makeup artist extraordinaire. Can you really imagine these talents wasted on pickles or eyelets?!

7. I have several vices, but I can never see myself going for cigarettes or alcohol. It's probably partly my upbringing, but I suppose I'm just lucky for not liking those things (and I mean no offense to those of you that do!). I have alcohol maybe a few times a year and often find myself regretting it, either for the disgusting taste or a wretched migraine.

8. I really want to travel lots. I want to see so many places and experience different cultures and environments. Some places I really want to visit: England, Scotland, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, South Africa, France, Italy, Greece, Australia, China, Japan, Vancouver, more of Hawaii, Fiji, Thailand, New Zealand, Germany, Switzerland, oh the list goes on and on. For all the traveling I hope to do, I really am quite a home-body!

9. Speaking of traveling, I rather dislike flying. It makes me unreasonably anxious and uncomfortable. I've done it plenty and I just don't care for the experience, over all. I might be slightly more into it if we were talking about first-class or a swanky private jet...but that's not likely to happen any time soon! I also discovered that I need to be able to see out of the plane while flying or I have a massive panic attack (oh, such a not cool memory). Let's hear it for my primal brain!

10. I have blonde hair. It's not super light but it's definitely blonde and it's mine and people seem to like it. It's pretty long and wavy. I don't really care if people color their hair blonde or what. It's kind of cool to think of myself as special, though, I guess.

Thanks for reading and please continue to enjoy the polish!!

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