Two amazing and completely different looks

Hello and Happy Weekend to you!  I went to an international cat show this afternoon and it was pretty cool!  My favorites are the Siberians, Maine Coons, and Norwegian Forest Cats.  I hope we can get kitties soon.

I didn't get to change my polish too often this past week because I worked so much.  Thankfully, the mani you are about to see lasted unusually long and beautifully on me.  Hooray for the little things!  Here is Sephora by OPI (or $OPI, for short) Dark Room.  This has been a somewhat controversial polish amongst the bloggers and MUAers due to it's listed description online and it's actual appearance.  Also, it seems the appearance is subjective or moody or something!

I REALLY like this and I'll tell you why.  The application was amazing for me.  Sometimes dark creams can be a pain in the rear and this one was oh so easy.  I also like the color.  It's ambiguous and mysterious.  It certainly doesn't fit my mood on a regular basis, but I think it's pretty sweet.

I added a coat of Nfu-Oh 60 and this is what I got.

The ever so slight twinge of green-tealness is virtually gone.  

No problemo, though, as it is gorgeous to behold.

Last night I was finally able to redo my nails.  I have been wanting to try my Scrangie polish for a while and it seemed the perfect color to match my current mood.  

Often I will only do two coats.  This one needs three, in my opinion, so I did three here.  Oh, and it's by Rescue Beauty Lounge, if you didn't know.  

If you don't know anything about Scrangie then feel free to leave an inquisitive comment.  I'm pretty sure most of you do.  I love, love, love her color and am so very pleased with it.  I'm not sure I could have come up with a more dream-worthy color myself!  :D

The application was excellent.  I had no problems at all.

The colors in it remind me of another polish dear to my heart, OPI DS Royal.  Mmmm.

I bought some Biotin the other day and am giving it a go!  I will be uber excited if it helps my nails to be stronger and less peely.  Also, I would love it if they grow faster.  Mwah!

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