I did a Konad last week and it was pretty wild and crazy. I started with Claire's Neon Burst and did three coats. Then I used a design from plate S06 with Konad Princess Gold Black polish. It's a bit smudgy and I didn't get the placement spot on, but I thought I'd share anyway. It's not always about perfection, right? :)

Truthfully, I had a really hard time making this one work! I ended up scrapping my first attempt when I was all done save for one nail. I thought that I would be able to do much, much better on my second attempt. Not so much!

It kind of reminds me of hallucinogenic smudgy tiger stripes.

Or hypnotic neon tribal shields.

I get really annoyed with certain full plate designs that don't really fit my big thumb nails. Sometimes I can double stamp them partially and make it work. With this one I couldn't see how to do that.

It was fun and a learning experience, so I'm totally glad I went for it. I'm trying to build up my Konad skills because I want to become an ex-pert, yo!

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