Weekend Taupe

For those of you who may be ready to throw (hopefully small) stones at me for showing you a whole bloody week of Clarins 230, I have a little "stone" for you, too! :D I hope you love it.

This is two dreamy coats of Misa PaintMyNails@Work. It applied most perfectly.

Please excuse my sad cuticles in the above picture, but I include it because I think it helps to show how the color of the polish looks different in different settings.

It's hard for me to describe in words, but in several of these pictures, the polish just looks a bit different. It kind of goes beige, gray, taupe, stone, and then also has just a hint of mauve-y coolness to it that I am wild about.

You know, probably two to three years ago I would have never seen myself in colors like this. How the times have changed!

PaintMyNails@Work is from Misa's 9 to 5 collection. I ordered it with a few others from here.

I just noticed that the new Paradise Shore collection is available for purchase now, too! Figures. :)

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