The Manicure that came from Down Under!

Hello, my lovely friends! I have a special manicure for you that features three gorgeous polishes from an Australian brand, Ozotic Pro. This is my first experience with Ozotics, and I have been wanting them from the first time I saw pictures on Make Up Alley! They are real gems. I ordered from Picture Polish. They were kind enough to send me an extra polish to review here, so look out for that one coming soon!

Here is the line up. I started with a coat of Illamasqua Boosh.

Then, I added one coat each of the following: 504, 529 (Elytra), and 528 (also Elytra).

These first indoor pictures will follow the progression of layers. Here I am showing just Boosh with 504 over it. Lovely, isn't it?

Have you ever seen such stunning multi-chrome in the bottle?!

It definitely translates well to the nail, too! Next, as seen below, I have added a coat of Elytra 529.

It's beautiful and yet somewhat subtle. The colors are all very similar.

I thought about adding another coat of 529, but instead, decided to go for a coat of another Elytra.

The Elytras are all suspended in clear polish and contain multi-chromatic glitter.

Below, you can see where I've added the coat of Elytra 528.

It has more pink, purple, and teal.

Now that's more like it! Party on ma nails!!

That insane shine above is from Palladio Nail Brilliance High Shine topcoat. It does not seem to dry quite as quickly as Seche Vite for me, but has been giving me excellent wear so far. It's also uber shiny and hard, like, Poshe, which I love!

The over all effect of this mani reminds me of a glittered up version of Sally Hansen Turquoise Opal over black. :)

Crazy, awesome, peacocky, glittery goodness, I say!

Now for outdoor, blazing hot Florida sun pictures! I am holding the bottle of 504 in these pictures here. Keep in mind that all of the following pictures show my manicure finished, with all layers present.

Below, I am holding the bottle of 529. It's blue/purple with red/gold.

Below I am holding the bottle of 528.

And here, below, I am showing the bottle of 529.

Yummy! Below, the bottle of 528.

Now, last, but not least, outdoor indirect sunlight pictures. Bottle below is 504 again.

Bottle below is 529. Look at that sexy thang!

And the bottle below is 528.

I hope you have enjoyed this kaleidoscopic tour of Ozotics. I also hope it wasn't too confusing in terms of the picture presentation. I got a little carried away! :)

If you want some of these luscious, hard-to-find beauties, there is hope! Picture Polish ships up to ten bottles of polish worldwide. Woohoo! I am not affiliated with this company, but am super excited to share the good news.

Stay tuned for more sexies from Down Under!

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