I've Got It!

I finally got my bottled magic!! I have gobs of ideas as to what I want to pair it with, but I decided to start with my original plan, Zoya Roxy. Three coats of Roxy went on first.

Then one coat of the infamous Clarins 230.

These first pictures are all taken under the desk lamp right after I finished applying.

I immediately noticed the beautiful and bright shimmer. It absolutely glows and comes alive in the light.

It looked mostly orange at first.

Sometimes it seemed red. Then it would look more golden.

My favorite is when the shimmer is green! It has to be at the right angle and in the right light, but when it goes green, oh man, it's pure magic!

It definitely looked cool over Roxy, but I wasn't fully loving the over all burgundy sort of look. Maybe it's partly due to the length of my nails?

If you're wondering where I got my Clarins 230, I will tell you right now: Ebay. I have wanted it for years but never thought it would happen.

I thought maybe it would find its way to me somehow. And then I decided instead of waiting for it to come to me, I would go get it! Yeah, I paid a lot for it, for sure, but I am also super glad to have it finally.

Prices have been lower lately, it seems.

It goes without saying that I really wish a nail polish company would figure out how to replicate this very special polish. You would think one of them could....at least come close.

Heck, they should do a whole collection of polishes like 230! It could be the Unicorn collection.

Until then (see how hopeful I am?), we just have to do the best with what we have.

I swatched a wheel tonight with various types of "underwear" for 230. It was a whole lot of fun! I'll have to take pictures tomorrow and post them soon.

I tried to capture the immense coolness in pictures, but I fear I've fallen short. There will be many more combinations and pictures in the very near future, however. :) I shall persevere!

EDITED to add more pictures!
I wasn't satisfied at my attempts to show off the groovy green side of 230...so here are some better pictures.

Ahhhhh....much better!

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