Why MAC Polish Hates Me

....and I hate it right back!! Ugh. This is MAC Biker Blue. I just HAD to have it, even though I'm certain I have dupes. I did three coats here.

It was surprisingly sheer.

A couple of terrific gals on MUA suggested that I layer Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure over it.

I did, and here is the result.

There were some very scary sore looking cuticle spots that I tried to blur out for your viewing comfort. :/

But here is why MAC polish hates me! It started lifting at the corners, in a major way, in less than 24 hours of wear (even with my new-found love base coat, Palladio Fuse)! What the H?!

I should have known. This happened to me with the last MAC polish I wore, Bad Fairy.

I guess I thought with the new awesome-sauce base coat, it might just act right.

Not so much. It's a bummer, too, because it was a fun mani and I'm sad I only got to wear it for a day. Ah well....onto bigger and better things (I hope!). :)

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