Happy Fun Surprise!

Earlier this week at work, my buddy Jaysen came back from a little trip to NYC. He kindly brought me back this awesome set from The Addams Family musical! How flippin' cool is that? THANK YOU, JAYSEN!!

The back of the box is shown below.

Now for outdoor swatch pictures I took this evening before the sun set.

I used three coats with no base or top coat. The bottle shown above and below is Blood Curdling.

It's a gorgeous dark red creme with a squishy, shiny finish.

Don't mind my awful, dry skin (thank you pure acetone!). I was rushing to get these pictures before the sun disappeared.

Bone Chilling is pure clean white.

And here is Midnight Tango on the ring finger.

Dark navy blue with beautiful shimmer.

The bottle above and below is a mini Midnight Cami. It sure seems to be a dead-on dupe for Midnight Tango.

In the picture below, Midnight Tango is the top bottle and Midnight Cami is the bottom one.

I'm super happy to have this awesome set! I love the colors, box, clever names, and the formula seems great on all three.

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