Yummy Blurple

This is Orly Royal Velvet. I used three coats here. It is a majestic, flashy, duochrome blurple.

No problems with application.

I absolutely adore this color. It's just perfect.

The duochrome seems to really come out the most in artificial lighting, oddly enough. I took some pictures in my bathroom lighting that you will see soon, below.

Recently my husband looked at my blog and remarked that I post too many pictures of the polish. He said I only need one or two.

Oh, good Husband, I need lots of pictures because they are all so pretty!! ;)

Maybe someday there will be a Mr. Dr. DizzyNails blog and he will just put one or two pictures up per post.

Let's all stay tuned for that!

I have to say that I had a really good nail polish day. I found the new Target Nicole by OPIs!

I was so excited and bought all the ones I wanted (which was nearly all of them).

In fact, I just put on Sea How Far You Go and that will be my next post.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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