I just figured out that I skipped a bunch of manis from who knows how long ago. D'oh! Lost files! This started with three coats of Orly Velvet Rope. PRETTY!

It has teeny tiny little silver glitter bits.

Then I did layering skittles with various Savvy shimmers. I'll break it down for you.

The bottle above is Glass Slipper and it is layered over the thumb.

Above is the bottle of Pink Fairy and it is layered over the index finger.

Above is the Magic Pumpkin bottle and it's layered over the middle finger. Cool, huh?

Above the bottle is Fairy Twinkle and it is over the ring finger.

The bottle above is Purple Potion and, you guessed it, it is layered on the pinky finger.

Same above, different lighting.

Above the bottle is Fairy Twinkle, again, and it is on the ring finger.

Magic Pumpkin bottle. It's on the middle finger. Can you even believe that it looks turquoise?! Love it!! These Savvys are definitely going to be lots of fun. I bet they look awesome over black, too.

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