My Smudgy Space Cadet Dream-Come-True

Listen up! This is important. My camera lens was still smudged when I took all of these pictures. I realize how lame that is...and especially on such a life-changing manicure combination. But it is what it is. Live and learn.

I used three coats of Orly Space Cadet, possibly the world's single greatest nail polish.

Then I added a coat of pa A126.

After I did this combo, I realized that this is practically my dream polish - the one I had hoped to create through Illamasqua's recent contest! Zoinks!!

How freaking fabulous is that?!?! I wanted it to look like the Orion Nebula (you can Google that for images - simply breath-taking and one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen).

The next time I use Space Cadet I'll have to play around with it more to see if I can come up with a more perfect version of my dream polish. ;) I want to see how it looks layered over darker base colors. And I'm not sure if this particular glitter is the one I want to represent the stars (despite it's awesomeness).

I recently bought a back-up bottle of Space Cadet, which makes me very happy. I'm going to pass on MAC's dupe, Mean & Green.

I know you've probably already been over-exposed to this beaut, but hopefully you won't fault me for forcing you to see it some more.

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