Ha! More Purple Potion...

Hey everybody! I forgot to post these pictures yesterday of the same manicure I featured with the Urban Decay Meltdown, Sinful Daddy's Girl, and Sinful I Love You. They are taken in sunlight. Behold! The bottle pic is Daddy's Girl.

Bottle pic here is I Love You.

Here is a neat little combo I came up with using two colors from Hot Topic. They don't seem to have names, although I believe names are listed on their website. I started with a bluey, green, gray sort of duochrome polish. Looks cooler in the bottle, but still fun on the nails. I think I did three coats.

Then I topped it with bar holo glittahs - a polish in a slightly grayed jelly base.

It's kinda like a hairy peacock?! :D

I really loved this mani but it started chipping off in big chunks pretty quickly - within about 12 hours I think. :(

Maybe I'll play with my base coat/top coat combos when using Hot Topic polishes next time. Currently I've been using Sally Hansen Nail Quencher for a base and most of the time I use Poshe for my top coat.

I hauled today!! I got a bunch of Claire's polishes, three OPI Suedes, some others.....and.....*drumroll* the original OPI My Private Jet!!! WooooooOOHOOOOooo! I didn't think I would ever find it, at least not easily in retail. I also was able to use a coupon, so super score. I'm wearing it right now and will have pictures for you soon. :)

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