More Candy

Here is your next dose of candy, Hard Candy, that is. To start with I used Mr. Right, a very rich and glossy navy. This is two coats.

I applied a coat of Sugar Daddy on top. It's a lovely pinky gold shimmer. I decided to thin it a little right off the bat because judging on the other HCs I thought it might be a smidge thick and look streaky over top another polish. Whether or not it was needed, I'll never know. In any case, it layered beautifully!

The result was hard to describe, hard to capture, but utterly divine. I was looking at my fingertips way more than usual.

It had a quality to it that made it almost duochrome, and I think it's just the way the shimmer read on top of the navy, but so cool! Purple, pink, gold goodness.

Also, this reminded me a little of the elusive Sally Hansen HD Opulent Cloud, which I am yet to find. I'm not sure if it actually looks like Opulent Cloud (maybe a little) or more just OC was on my brain heavily at the time and I decided it did because I wanted it to! Either way, a win in my book. Opulent Cloud, I will find you and you will be mine.

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