New Urban Decays

I have some pictures of two of the newer Urban Decay polishes, Grunge and Meltdown. Meltdown is a luscious purple with a fine glowy shimmer. I felt like adding some more, so I layered one coat each of Sinful Daddy's Girl and I Love You on top. I kind of wish I had done I Love You and then Daddy's Girl in that order because it seemed like Daddy's Girl had some subtlety to it that I Love You may have trampled over! Either way, it turned out beautiful.

This is Grunge, a blackish, blueish, greenish color with a hint of silvery frost. It is very, very cool!!

I'd like to see how it compares to MAC Beyond Jealous. I'm guessing they may be similar but with different finishes.

I'm definitely looking forward to trying the other colors in the super cute Apocalyptic kit. I wonder if Urban is going to continue to make nail polish? I'm hoping this kit heralds the return of a core line!

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