Glorious Flakes, Ya Know

 Check this one out!
 Two coats of Orly Rococo A-Go-Go (name, y u so silly?!).
 The formula was a bit too thick and almost tricky for me - I definitely should have just thinned it right away.
 Still, it's absolutely to die for, and it turned out just fine!
 The next day, I added a coat of Inglot 202 flakes.  Here are a few indoor pics first.
 As you will see in a moment, the flakes look mostly orange in the bottle, so I was pleasantly surprised to see so much green come out to play!
 It's rainbow-rific, that's for sure.
 Now for some outdoor pictures.
 Can you even stand it?!
 I definitely need to wear more flakes.  Definitely.
 I really like the Inglot flakies because they come out so dense and easily.  I just wish the bottle wasn't so tiny!
 What are your favorite flakes?
 It's nice to see so many companies jumping on the bandwagon now.
 Hopefully we won't be having any more flakie polish shortages in the near future.  :)
Thanks for taking the time to stop by!

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