Uber Nubs with Hairy Glitter

I had a bad break a little over a week ago. Instead of using a wrap, I opted to cut down to mega uber nubs. I'm going to say this is as short as they can go!

I started here with three coats of Funky Fingers Riot. It's a deep neon purple. The pictures, of course, make the bottle appear much more blue than it really is. It's a true purple, folks!

If you look at the purple base to my nails, and compare that to the bottle, you can see what I mean. The base color on the nails looks very close to being accurate while the bottle looks lighter and more blue.

I added a coat of Funky Fingers Manic Flamingo. It's a sheer shimmery pink with blue shimmer mixed in. It reminds me of OPI DS Sensation.

I didn't get pictures of just the two FFs together, and while it was very pretty, I opted to go all out with Jesse's Girl Confetti.

Confetti is an awesome hairy bar glitter with pink and blue bars.

I really love Confetti because the size of the bars is tiny compared to most. It looks really delicate and cute.

I think this mani looked even nicer in person.

What do you think? Would you pair these three together?

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