Here it is, the glorious, the most super fly, the fabulous, the glamourous, Estessimo TiNS, The Silky Night!

Three coats of pure, unadulterated, glitter, holo HEAVEN.

I ordered this and other luscious gems from Doll Up Nails. My order was a bit slow in arriving (possibly due to Holidays), but other than that I have nothing but raves. I have no affiliation with Doll Up Nails, but if you do happen to order, maybe you can let them know that you found them through DizzyNails. I wouldn't mind getting in good with them! :)

In all seriousness, TiNS are everything I ever dreamed they would be. Why on earth aren't there more polish companies out there like this?! This polish was made for me!!

I have about twenty beautiful bottles of bliss (I know - I went a little crazy) and I'm already plotting my next order!!

Totally off the topic of nails, yesterday I had to get some diagnostic medical procedures done related to my idiotic migraine headaches. I was happy to have the techs notice my awesome manicure. :) Unfortunately for me, the pulse ox wouldn't read through The Silky Night, so they had to remove the polish on my right index finger. *sigh* I'm just now getting off my 24 hours post-procedure bed rest, so I will happily be repainting that nail in a few moments to match the rest.

Doesn't it just make you smile? I love this polish with big, irrational, squishy, red hearts!!

Well, as for me, I'm thrilled to be wearing this polish and also now thrilled to be out of bed!

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