Got More Flakes?

I've got lots of flakes for you! Mmm flakes. To start, I tried Illamasqua Propaganda, a fabulous dark blue jelly. It's so dark, it almost looks black. I did two thick coats.

This is so pretty, I just love it! Anything black or almost black, and I'm in love.

Then I added a coat of Nfu-Oh 49.


Check out all the gorgeous colors! Yellow, orange, pink, green, red.

This was a really fun manicure! :)

Look how utterly stunning the bottle is! It's like a rainbow of dreams.

The over all effect is sort of like tortoise shell.

Yeah, I took a LOT of pictures. Couldn't help myself!

The next flaky look features L.A. Girl Metal Copper Alloy and Nfu-Oh 43. I did two coats of each.

See all the mesmerizing shimmah in the bottle above?

This was alive with fire and embers!

So beautiful!

And the last combo is Rimmel Hard Edged and Nfu-Oh 55. It's two coats of Rimmel and one coat of Nfu-Oh.

Nfu-Oh 55 is very similar to L.A. Girl Rock Star Crowd Surfing. However, 55 is a pinch more green and the flakies in it are more orange. This flaky psycho lover is happy to have both!

Hard Edged is a unique vampy duochrome. It's warm, burgundy, and smoky. Very pretty!

I lovingly dubbed these my alien nails. A coworker called them Jurassic Park nails. :)

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