Lovely Gray

I have some fabulous, out of the ordinary grays for you! First is Shades by Barielle, U-Concrete-Me. This is a mere two coats of gloriousness! I adore this color, much more than I originally anticipated. It has a hint of cool blueness, just barely, which keeps me interested and makes it more than just gray. Unfortunately, I only captured one decent picture!

Savina Black Pearl. Three coats.

I found this gem in a Nordstrom outlet store. It is so superb.

The pictures do not do it justice. It is much more flashy, vivid and duo-chromey in real life!!

It has a really nice, strong, teal/purple flash. There is also some green and pink going on. I know this would be even more stunning over black (I tried it that way initially, but had some bubble issues and had to scrap it).

I am getting ready to leave for a business trip very soon (in about 90 minutes!). I'll be going to San Francisco for 10 days. I am taking polish, my camera, and my laptop, but I just wanted to put it out there for you because I don't know how hectic my days will be and cannot promise that I'll be able to post regularly. Wish me luck! :)

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