I'm Back!!

I'm back from California! I got home late on Wednesday night. I slept on and off all day Thursday - I was exhausted and a bit jet-lagged. And I worked a long, busy day today. Oh my. I very much wish I had had time and energy to continue blogging while on my trip. I did some pretty sweet manis while there, but was just so super busy and stressed with work that I couldn't force myself to keep up with pictures and posts.

Needless to say, I am back, and I have TONS of awesome polish (not that I didn't already, but I have acquired bunches more in the time I was gone). I found "pa" brand japanese nail polish in Chinatown! I searched high and low for treasures and am so glad I succeeded. I also found a neat brand of polish called Rococo in a little N.K. Apothecary boutique inside Bloomingdales. I grabbed three cool looking ones (one of which looks very OPI MPJ-ish).

This is one of Milani's new holographic polishes, Hi-Res. I did three coats and it applied very well. No complaints whatsoever. I let it dry a couple of minutes between coats of the actual polish, just to make sure the holo had set and so I wouldn't get drag.

The sun did not come out to play today.

It's a nice chunky, rainbowy holo, similar to China Glaze Octa-Gone Wild.

The shade of purple reminds me of OPI Designer Series Original.

Milani was kind enough to provide this polish for me to review.

I love, love, love holographic polishes, and Hi-Res does not disappoint!! I'm excited to get more of these holographic Milanis - as soon I as I see them in person, in store, that is. :)

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