Welcome to DizzyNails!

I have to thank my husband for pushing me over the edge in getting this started.  Thanks!  I've been so inspired by other blogs about nail polish that I got this crazy idea that maybe I could have one, too.  I don't expect it to be nearly as cool as other nail blogs, but hey, it's mine, and I hope you like it!  

Enough talk!  More polish!
Here we have the oh so vampylicious-hot-sexy Hard Candy Vinyl.  I heard the angels singing when I applied this!

I decided to add some flakie goodness, on the order of Nfu-Oh #50, and it turned out pretty well!  I also heard the angels singing as I applied the flakies on top of Vinyl.  Really!!

What do you think?  I have to say that so far the pictures seem more amazing than the nails do in real life.  Totally weird.  

I hope you enjoyed the pictures and I look forward to sharing much more polish excitement with you in the near future!  :)  

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