Sprinkles and Flakes

I had some fun with my OPI Shrek polishes last week. I used Rumple's Wiggin' and What's With the Cattitude? and had primarily purple on my left hand with primarily blue on my right (not shown). I did a reverse accent finger on each hand - left ring finger and right index (don't ask me why, I just like it like that!). And I topped it all with a coat of China Glaze Nova!

It was three coats of each of the OPIs, one coat of Nova.

It was a "candy sprinkles" kind of look and I enjoyed it a lot!

Or maybe cotton candy with fairy dust? :)

The OPIs applied well for me and I had no problems.

This is the new $OPI, Teal We Meet Again, topped with Nfu-Oh 49. I only did two coats of Teal We Meet Again. It's so pretty and deep!

You can see the fine shimmer in the baby bottle. So lovely!

The flakes brought it to life, of course. I was very, very happy with the combo.

I still love it! The only reason I'm changing it (today) is that it's starting to get a bit chippy.

Seeing the Nfu-Oh bottle after the baby $OPI makes the Nfu-Oh look like a mammoth!

Giant flaky bottle of goodness!

Hawt, hawt, hawt!!

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