This is TOO CUTE!

I got a bit nail artsy recently and busted this one out! I started with an unnamed Charlotte Russe polish and did three coats. It's a pretty aqua greenish color with a subtle shimmer. Then I did stamping with Konad Special White polish and a Bundle Monster plate, BM20. And finally, I added little yellow and gold glitter dots using L.A. Colors art deco polishes.

I gotta say I was feeling pretty proud with this one! :) It made me think of sea kelp or some sort of retro motif.

This is what happens when you've been sick and housebound for a get really bored and apparently creative! The only good thing to come of the doggone illness.

I never did catch pictures in the sunlight, outdoors, but I think these fluoro pics turned out pretty good and are color accurate, too.

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